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MovieBox is a Comprehensive Video Streaming App for iOS Systems

More companies are designing apps that are capable of running across a variety of platforms. Not only do computers, televisions and cell phones all use different formats, but often these electronic devices also use different operating systems. This is why the team behind the MovieBox app designed their program to work with both iPads and iPods. These Apple systems use an OS referred to as an iOS. Like other computers and mobile devices, the iOS system is continually updated so it also carries a number to reflect what version it is.

Compatible iOS Applications

The MovieBox app for the iOS system is currently compatible with versions 10 through 11. It is also designed to run on the different models of iPhones, which include the iPhone X, 8, 8 Plus all the way on down to iPhone 4 and 4S. As a video streaming application it also works with iPad and iPad minis running iOS 6 or higher. The application itself uses an open source code, which means it is free to download and install. All of the corresponding updates will also be available free of charge.

Desirable Features of a Video Application

The MovieBox app comes packed with the type of features people want for their mobile devices. As a comprehensive video streaming program, it allows users to select their videos from a large library of movies, documentaries, music videos and TV shows. The built-in features of this app include language selection, subtitles and the option of creating a list of favorites. Selected videos for download are placed into a queue where users can see their progress. The app also has a turbo mode to increase the speed at which videos are transferred. The current version of MovieBox displays videos in resolutions up to 1080P, with an upgrade to 4K planned for the near future.

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